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Orbit : Book 6. Orbit : Book 7. Orbit : Book 8. Orbit : Book 9. Orbit : Book Orbitsville : Book 1. Fleeing Elizabeth Lindstrom's anger at the death of her son, Vance Garamond, a flickerwing commander, leaves the solar system far behind. Pursued by Earth's space fleet, Garamond finds a vast, alien-built spherical structure which might just change the destiny of the human race.

Orbitsville : Book 2. Two hundred years ago mankind found Orbitsville, a vast sphere whose habitable inner surface comprised living space equivalent to five billion Earths. The resulting migration was enthusiastic - and nearly total. Earth itself is a backwater now, a place with which the people of Orbitsville maintain only marginal contact.

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But just because it's backward doesn't mean it isn't dangerous. Orbitsville : Book 3. Orbitsville is the scene of two of Bob Shaw's most successful novels and is possibly the most gigantic artefact ever dreamed up by an SF writer - a vast hollow world completely enclosing its sun, habitable across its entire inner surface.

The Century Next Door : Book 1. For the last thirty years, the survivors of the collapse has tried to exist Earthside. Space colonies like the Flying Duthman offer the last and best hope for the mother planet's future; the adolescents on board the Dutchman really are humanity's last hope, but knowing is a heavy burden - especially for Mel who has plans of her own. Twenty Planets Universe : Book 4. Reports of a strange, new habitable planet have reached the Twenty Planets of human civilization. When a team of scientists is assembled to investigate this world, exoethnologist Sara Callicot is recruited to keep an eye on an unstable crewmate.

Thora was once a member of the interplanetary elite, but since her prophetic delusions helped mobilize a revolt on Orem, she's been banished to the farthest reaches of space, because of the risk that her very presence could revive unrest. Upon arrival, the team finds an extraordinary crystalline planet, laden with dark matter. Then a crew member is murdered and Thora mysteriously disappears. Thought to be uninhabited, the planet is in fact home to a blind, sentient species whose members navigate their world with a bizarre vocabulary and extrasensory perceptions.

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Lost in the deep crevasses of the planet among these people, Thora must battle her demons and learn to comprehend the native inhabitants in order to find her crewmates and warn them of an impending danger. But her most difficult task may lie in persuading the crew that some powers lie beyond the boundaries of science. Wayfarers : Book 2. Lovelace was once merely a ship's artificial intelligence. When she wakes up in an new body, following a total system shut-down and reboot, she has to start over in a synthetic body, in a world where her kind are illegal. She's never felt so alone. But she's not alone, not really.

Pepper, one of the engineers who risked life and limb to reinstall Lovelace, is determined to help her adjust to her new world. Because Pepper knows a thing or two about starting over.

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Together, Pepper and Lovey will discover that, huge as the galaxy may be, it's anything but empty. Sign Up now and enjoy the enhanced features only available to members. All rights reserved. Not yet a member? Sign Up today!

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Orbital Burn K. Monitor Found in Orbit Michael G. Orbital Cloud Taiyo Fujii The global war on terror has a new front--the very edge of outer space. Original Title.

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Start your review of Orbitsville Departure. Feb 11, Roddy Williams rated it liked it Shelves: dyson-sphere , science-fiction , elder-race. The resulting migration was enthusiastic — and nearly total. Society has moved on from the peculiar neo-Elizabethan monarchy of the first novel and Earth is depopulated, having transported most of the human race to the interior of the vast Dyson Sphere that is Orbitsville, containing a habitable surface equivalent to millions of Earths.

The perpetrator is a drug addict who had already used the weapon to destroy a computer which contained details of his embezzlement operations. All the major characters end up on the same ship to Orbitsville and Shaw has cleverly arranged it so that everyone has a good reason for being there. If in doubt, leave your mysterious dead races where they belong, in the imaginations of the readers. Feb 02, Karen rated it it was ok.

Sequel to Orbitsville, set years later. Disappointingly this is set mostly on Earth and in space, and not much about Orbitsville beyond how its existence has changed Earth. And then a bit event out of nowhere in the final chapter. Jul 11, Donald McAlpin rated it it was ok. Anyone expecting an exploration of the possibilities which living in a Dyson Sphere offers will be sadly disappointed. Instead, the reader is asked to trudge through a prosaic emotional drama for much of the novel.

It is only in the final fifty pages that the author returns his focus to Orbitsville itself in a quite unexpected denouement which sets up nicely the conclusion of the trilogy. I can only hope that the finale is better than this instalment. Sep 14, Kalmay rated it it was amazing. Great book as I followed the main character and how he dealt with what happened to his wife and child.

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Good ending, but would love to learn more about those aliens, interesting take on the universe! Garry Dallen, an Orbitsville native is working on Earth as a ranger.