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The whole idea is just ensuring that the schools have a process in place to respond to emergency situations involving staff or students and also ensure that they have an AED available that is up to date.


I got really close with the nurses there and asked them questions about their procedures if staff or students were to go into cardiac arrest. So, it was just me asking questions and noticing that there was a need.

Miranda OBEN – Award-winning IT Engineer & Internationally reputed Presenter!

Tell us about a specific time when you felt you made a difference for somebody in your role. I think all nurses would agree with that if you ask them this question.

I have one patient that I remember, and her mom actually was the one that wrote a letter for me to receive the Daisy Award. She was one of our patients in heart failure, and I remember her mom wrote in her letter about one day when, while on my way to work, I stopped and bought fingernail polish because her daughter was wanting to paint her fingernails. I brought her a whole manicure set and we had a little mani-pedi session.

I really think those little things touch the parents, and it helps with trying to create a non-hospital environment and do normal things with kids. You just have to reach out and find them so you can grow. Nursing is not somewhere you just come in and clock out; you have to have a passion and drive and stay ambitious.

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This past summer gave Miranda a hint into his field. Miranda was accepted into two major ornithology-based trips this summer centered around high school students who are looking to start a career in ornithology. The trips took place in the northern tip of Maine and at Cornell University.

Both required an application, including their grades, gpa, and an essay, to be selected. Wyncote Audubon granted Miranda a scholarship to Hog Island and Bore Stone in Maine to attend and later give a presentation there about his trip. They used dummy birds to coax them into re-breeding on the island again after they have been hunted into extinction in the s. The trip to Cornell was part of an event called the Young Birders Event. Leading scientists and researchers gave presentations about their work and engaged in intellectual conversations with the students.

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As a group, they went birding in Malta Zooma and other well-known locations in addition to visiting taxidermy labs. But it was relit when Miranda stood, half asleep, in 30 degree weather, wondering why he let his dad wake him up so early on his day off. Finally, buried in warm clothes, he saw what he was missing. Miranda conveys his passion for the outside world noticeably, but how he incorporates it into his North Penn experience is striking.

I am one of the two co-presidents. I joined Mr. Collier was also transferred to the high school the same year.

Miranda's Passion

As the president, he spends most of his time working on the Enact Area at North Penn, the wooded area between the parking lot and Snyder Field. They recently put a new trail in it and are working on adding birdhouses and native plants. He joined as a sophomore, and by his junior year, he was co-president, and continues to serve as co-president in his senior year as well.

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He brings great ideas, passion and tons of knowledge to every club meeting. In an attempt to bring together the club members and appreciate the world around them, Miranda helps coordinate field trips around this philosophy. They have attended several presentations, arboretums, and hiking trips. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Name required.

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