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Complete Works Vol. Sexuality tends to be self-centered. It drives man to seek only his own pleasure, even to the detriment of others. Love, on the other hand, thinks of the other's happiness above all else. It is based on self-denial and sacrifice: the sacrifice of one's time, energy and money, even the sacrifice of one's gratification, for the sake of helping the other, of allowing the other to blossom and develop their full potential.

Nothing is more beautiful than love, when you are ready to do without, to give up that you have or what you enjoy. Spirituality begins precisely at the point where love prevails over sexuality, when a human being is willing to wrest something from himself for the sake of another.

As long as you are incapable of sacrifice, you will be unable to love. The Serpent -Isis Unveiled 4. The Power of the Dragon 5. Spirit and Matter - The Sexual Organs 6. Manifestations of the Masculine and Feminine Principles 7.

Jealousy 8. The Twelve Doors of Man 9. The Spiritual Screen Nourishment and Love Woman's Role in the New Culture The Initiatic Meaning of Nudity Exchanges and Relationships Wealth and Poverty To Love is the Work of the Disciple Love in the Universe A Wider Concept of Marriage I The Twin-Soul Everything Depends on Your Point of View Analysis and Synthesis Mother Love The Meaning of Renunciation The Bonds of Love A Question of Attitude 2.

True Marriage 3. The Sun is the Source of Love 4.

The Goal of Love is Light 5. The Manifestations of the Masculine and Feminine Principles 6. Master or Mistress? Vestal Virgins ; the New Eve 8. Heart and Mind ; the Universal White Brotherhood Seek the Soul and the Spirit Restoring Love to its Pristine Purity Love Transforms Matter Love and Identification The Task of a Disciple Tantra-Yoga Emptiness and Fullness : the Holy Grail Love is Everywhere Look for Love at its Source It Rises from Earth and Descends from Heaven The Secret of Happiness is in an Expanded Consciousness Live Lovingly Our Only Weapons: Love and Light Never Stop Loving Towards a Broader Concept of the Family.

Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon. The dragon is not pure fiction: it is the symbol of our instinctive, primitive forces and is common to all mythologies as well as to early Christian iconography. The great challenge of the spiritual life is to conquer, tame and use those forces to reach the highest summits of the spirit. The fact that this fire-breathing monster with the tail of a serpent also has wings shows that the forces it embodies have a spiritual destination.

Sexual energy is like petrol: if you are ignorant and use it carelessly you will burn yourself; your very quintessence will be destroyed by this all-consuming force.

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But Initiates, who know how to handle it, use it to move freely about the universe. This is the true meaning of the winged dragon. The Winged Dragon 2. Love and Sexuality 3. The Dangers of Tantric Yoga 6. Love without Waiting to be Loved 7. Love is Everywhere in the Universe 8. Open Your Love to a Higher Path. For thousands of years men have worked to multiply and amplify the sensations and perceptions entering their consciousness through their five senses, and it is this play on the keyboard of the senses that thay call civilization and culture.

Well, is this not rather meagre? However much we cultivate and refine our five senses they will always be sverely limited in scope for they belong to the physical plane: they will never be capable any reality above and beyond the physical. Until human beings recognize that there ate other areas that invite exploration, other dimensions to see, touch and breathe, they will never experience new, richer, more far-reaching or subtler sensations.

Each of our organs is specialized: it has its own particular function to perform and it can convey only its own particular type of sensation.

In order to experience other, new sensations, we must call into play those other, subtler organs and centers which we all possess. Human Evolution and the Development of the Spiritual Organs 2. The Aura 3. The Solar Plexus 4.


The Hara Centre 5. Kundalini Force 6. The Chakra System II. Ajna and Sahasrara. Read the thought of the day. The Gospels according to the Philosophy initiatic.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Contact Add to favorites Print. For the Quranic view of the Torah and the Injil see n. These people considered themselves to be God's favourites and cherished the illusion that, regardless of what they did, they were bound to enter Paradise. They took the view that since they were believers, were descended from pious people, followed noble Prophets, and were disciples and admirers of holy men, Hell would not dare touch them.

They also thought that even if they were thrown into Hell they would remain there for a few days only, to be purged of the impurity of the sins which had afflicted them, and would then be sent straight to Paradise. Such notions had made them so bold that even when they committed the most atrocious crimes and the most mortal of sins, and brazenly deviated from Truth and rectitude, their hearts remained utterly unmoved by the fear of God.

Those who disbelieved and disobeyed were seen to be prosperous, whereas the believers, with their devotion and loyalty to God, suffered all the deprivation, persecution and torment to which the Prophet and his followers were subjected around the year 3 A. The contrasting states of the two groups of men were the reverse of what would naturally be expected. This raised disturbing questions in people's minds about the underlying wisdom of this phenomenon. The verse conveys God's answer. This means that it is lawful for a believer, helpless in the grip of the enemies of Islam and in imminent danger of severe wrong and persecution, to keep his faith concealed and to behave in such a manner as to create the impression that he is on the same side as his enemies.

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A person whose Muslim identity is discovered is permitted to adopt a friendly attitude owards the unbelievers in order to save his life. If he considers himself incapable of enduring the excesses to which he may be subjected, he may even state that he is not a believer. One should not be overwhelmed by the fear of other human beings to the extent of losing the fear of God.

Breathe slowly and rhythmically, focusing all your attention on the air coming into your lungs. Think of all the elements that it is bringing you for the benefit of your health. Perhaps some of you will object that you have been doing breathing exercises every day for years and that they have never done you any good.

Well, in the first place, how can you be sure that they have not done you any good? Your health may not be perfect, but what would it have been like if you had not done these exercises? And secondly, are you sure that you were really concentrating on the healing you wanted from them while you were doing them? If that is the case then, naturally, you cannot expect much in the way of results.

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All the cares and worries of your daily life must be put to one side during your breathing exercises; nothing must be allowed to distract you: all your thoughts and all your faith must be centred on the work you are doing. Faith is a divine sentiment which awakens unsuspected powers of thought and action; this is why it is at the root of all healing. Even if faith does not actually cure you, it is still an essential condition for a cure to take place. Respiration 15 You should also synchronize your breathing with the movements of the gymnastics we do every day2.

Breathe in when you raise your arms, hold your breath for a moment, and breathe out only when you bend down: inhale on the upward movement and exhale on the downward movement. The proper coordination of your breathing with the movements of the gymnastics will help you to understand their significance and to get much more out of them.