Cast No Shadow: The First Book of the Knowing

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The poet Robert Bly described the shadow as an invisible long bag we carry or drag behind us. In the bag are those parts of ourselves that through the years we reject. The Franciscan friar, Richard Rohr describes the shadow as what we refuse to see about ourselves, and what we do not want others to see. This article will offer some reflections on the human shadow, especially for us as ministers. What is the shadow? How does it impact ministry? What can it do for us? How can it be counterproductive?

How do we relate to this other who walks beside us? Shadow does not exist by itself. A real physical body casts it.

January 18, 2017

Shadow is shaped by presence. Presence comes a priori to our flaws and absences. Jesus went into the wilderness. There he confronted frightening images that spoke and that invited him to places that were not consistent with his deeper vocation or calling. The wilderness brought him face-to-face with those dark possibilities and shadowy figures.

In the wilderness, Jesus related to these voices. He talked, struggled and discerned his way with and through those voices.

He heard them, engaged them, and moved to a deeper, more authentic place through the encounter. The psychiatrist Carl G.

Cast No Shadow

In the wilderness, Jesus is relating to, not simply denying or rejecting. Through learning to relate to these hidden parts, he and we learn their value, their golden side, the wisdom these parts carry when related to in a positive manner. If we do not accept the shadow we carry, often, it constellates around us and we live it out as fate.

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Such describes some poor choices and behaviors by the best of people. Through not recognizing our shadows, it can act out through us or we cast it on others and make them carry it for us like the religious leaders wanting to stone the woman for adultery.

Designing with light and shadow: 10 highly effective tips you should try [with case studies]

Jesus says that you, who are without sin, cast the first stone. His response is someone who knows the shadow. Theirs was the reaction of not knowing and unconsciously casting their shadows onto others. In this case, the woman was carrying for the others what they did not want to accept in themselves. In the religious world, we see it often. When we accept our shadow and learn to relate to it in healthy ways, we can tap into the humility of Ghandi, the tolerance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Thus, we move closer to whom God calls us to be. The shadow is often linked to our traumatic experiences and painful moments of our past.

But as we come to know this shadow and its gifts, there are no more fingers to point, judgments to make or blame to cast. It can become our source of deep wisdom. When working in anxiety and conflict in congregations, watching for the shadow—our own, the collective shadow, and the shadow others cast—is critical. When our time is in the dark confusion of Golgotha one need be only a degree or two off course, left or right, and one is kneeling before a thief.

When individuals and groups are aware of the shadow, their own and others, they are more accepting, forgiving, compassionate and loving, acting for justice while having mercy, honor and humility. Amy L Gale is a romance author by night, pharmacist by day who loves rock music and the feel of sand between her toes. She lives in the lush forest of Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, six cats, and golden retriever, Sadie.

You can find her at www.

Cast No Shadow: The First Book of the Knowing: Thomas Long: Books

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