Baby Traveling Tips for The Clueless Chick

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It all ended up playing out in a nasty battle for all the bloggies to read. The next day I got it sorted out and the trip turned out to be a critical growth week that changed my life, but it was also brutal! I pride myself in being spontaneous and outgoing. Ill try almost anything once! I am comfortable sleeping in a tent in the middle of the woods without a soul around, or in a plush king-sized bed at a 5 star hotel, but would love someone to share it with. I do like to hog covers though. My desire to help others fuels my ambition. Never reveal too much information about yourself on this blog.

Your post with your id would be deleted by the admins soon, but the one with location will not. You might want to ask admin to delete the post with location reference. You are a beautiful, down to earth girl, just the way I like it. If you were in my neck of the woods, I would have definitely contacted you, but alas.

Josh thank you for the very nice compliment! And for taking the time to look at my profile. Should I put something in my profile for now, or not log on anymore?

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I honestly am living in the Boston area. I updated my profile, but it will take 24 hours I think to actually show up. As a girl, I like guys with longer profiles, I forget that with guys, they probably prefer shorter ones. Thank you again for helping me. Live in the moment with me!

A lot of SDs are often logging in from other countries as their homecountry, so why should it be a red flag if a SB does? But your profile is so redundant.


Stick to the one liners and combine them all into one paragraph. Remove the elaboration. If I were a man I would see your need to elaborate as a sign that you may be over-analytical. I want to meet a man who is secure, in himself and in his life. Thank you SugarbabyGuru!! The man I am meeting is almost I am not having high expectations on sex. He is very sweet and romantic, but sexually, who knows how that will turn out.

Yes, I would still take the trip without allowance. Do you have a suggestion on when to ask for it in hand? I don't want to deal with it being wired or Paypaled. I have traveled in the USA to meet someone and he gave it on the 2nd day. He was going to give it in small increments, but knew I wasn't bailing. First of all, you are absolutely gorgeous.

So that is not the reason for not getting a decent SD already. You have a very beautiful and genuine smile too.

I started reading it but then got bored after the first couple of sentences and stopped reading. Once you do that I will help edit the profile further. Make sure he books you a hotel room, in your name, then call the hotel yourself to confirm and have them put a note in the reservation not to make any changes to the reservation without calling you directly to confirm.

Again — makes it harder for him to pull something funny. Do NOT have him pick you up at the airport. Take a taxi to your hotel at your expense, check in, make friend with the front desk clerk so someone in Spain knows you at least a little, then put your passport in the hotel safe.

Baby Curly Hair 101: A Mom’s Guide to Mixed Baby Hair

Make sure you have Euros before you leave. Keep some in the hotel safe and with you at all times. I personally would totally tolerate bad sex with a jerk for an all expenses paid trip to Spain. Would you still take the trip without allowance? Google him six ways from Sunday and leave your findings with a trusted friend. Since my SDs are all long distance and I am travelling abroad all the time, you can email me if you need more info: elainesablog at gmail.

Any SDs have any advice for my profile? I like older men, but no one over Is my about me too serious? You boring readers with your imaginary legal court cases. Show some creativity and post something interesting. Try to post under a different persona though. Who knows, right?

I am thinking about taking my dates to HIE now just to gain that edge in the smartness department. KMS, yes, we have been talking for awhile by text and phone calls. Soon will be video. The tickets have not been booked yet, so it might not even happen. Supposed to book them this week. I do feel safe now, but am still acquiring phone numbers and plans if something goes wrong.

So the issue is not farming but real life relationships and real reputations under defamation attacks.

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You had a failed attempt in recruiting the second participant. Let me get this right.

Baby Traveling Tips for the Clueless Chick : Jennifer Durbin :

I wrote my post before reading yours. The fact that I am wasting time writing about some assholes imaginary law suit on a blog tells me I need to find more hobbies. I would not worry about going to court yet. I like your dry sense of humor. I am not a lawyer but stayed in a holiday in once. How the fuck do you claim defamation of character when you post under a fake identity? I am awaiting your edification on these points as I plan to make a fortune suing blog posters, at which point I will also be able to offer 10x the national average in child support. Can we go back to talking about sugar daddies and babies?

Getting an injunction against opinion is near impossible. Even getting to a court date as this would be a federal matter handled in the notoriously overburdened Nevada federal court will take a minimum of two years. You would need to show actual damages. Additionally, all comments KMS made were directed at an alias and had no direct damage to you.

Do you have evidence of a woman who was prepared to enter a sugar relationship with you, then declined in writing, specifically stating the opinions expressed by KMS?

Your request to subpeona blog records would most likely not be granted. It unduly violates the privacy rights of others, for which you have no necessary cause or claim. In which case, you would have to sue SA yo get those records. SA has no interest in showing that its members have their privacy violated, they would fight you long before you ever got to KMS out of their own economic self interest. Additionally, to even threaten to sue SA is a violation of the SA terms of service. I revommend you put on your big boy pants, change your username and profile name and start fresh. Leave your comnents about your life saving semen to your prospective SBs as it is patently offensive to every woman who reads it for myriad reasond and shows that you are completely ignorant of modern fertility science.

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And finally, do not misquote Sandberg. I can provide more references if I went back in blog history.